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Dare to Bare

With each new client I learn more and I am inspired through them. I have also found that on having an honest conversation with a client about themselves and what they really want, enables him or her to create their own wisdom and strategies on how they want best to live their lives. These chats unlock unrealised and often overlooked potential. “Dare to Bare” is about having the courage to be honest with yourself about what you want and how you want to live your life.

We all fear getting things wrong and confronting those terrifying words “failure” or “rejection”. Yet when we take a step back, the lessons that can be learnt, the result of these setbacks, give us strength for and a greater knowledge about the future. It actually takes courage to learn from situations and experiences, and to stand up and do them again. We protect ourselves and put on masks to show the outside world that we are “fine”. We often compare our lives to others and some of us allow others to lead our lives for ourselves, instead of us taking control. We put on make up, we dress in work outfits, we put on armour, we build a wall around ourselves and then we want people to love and respect us for who we are. This is where the internal struggles start. We project one type of person yet underneath there is another trying to escape and express them self. It is time to bare! and I do not mean wearing your heart on your sleeve nor throwing away your make up or work outfits. It means loving who you are, all of you, scars, spots, warts and all. It means knowing your worth daily and not allowing others to make you feel small and having to put on protective armour. It means having the courage to be you, yourself and allowing and enabling yourself to shine through!

We waste endless amounts of energy caring about what others think. This fills so much of our thoughts. It is destructive and can be all-consuming. The moment we let go of this, amazing things happen and yes, trust me, it takes time, but it is worth it. So what if someone didn’t like your outfit or your idea, there will be others who will, but most importantly and significant is what you think. Try to bring in and embrace humour to shrug off any negativity. Laughter is such a powerful weapon and so good for the soul. People will always offer you suggestions, advice, or rejection and criticism but you will know deep down what is right for you.

To “dare to bare” we need to step up to the pitch, take a deep breath and then with all our might throw that ball. Maybe the throw wasn’t the most impressive or fastest but at least you tried giving of your best and that is all you can ever be asked. What is it you want to bare?

Here are a few answers that some Zestfulness clients were brave enough to tell me:

* Ask her/him out on a date

* Ask for the promotion or for an idea to be heard

* Say I love you first

* Say “Yes” if always saying no

* Say “No” if always say yes

* For one whole day don’t care what others think

* Tell someone your real hearts desire/s and then work out a plan how to achieve it.

To know your worth and know you are good enough are the most important ingredients to living a fulfilled life.


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