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Finding inner Zestfulness

Welcome to Zestfulness and my first blog.

In my first business some 12 years ago my motto was “It takes the first step; the rest just follows”. These days my motto is "Know Your Worth" and love every step you take. My first step in Zestfulness was coming up with a name I loved and which made me smile on saying it out loud. I had one of those eureka moments and the rest has just followed.

So what is it you want to achieve and what will your first step be?

Zestfulness encompasses both enthusiasm and enjoyment. In this modern digital age enthusiasm is blunted and enjoyment takes second place to the pressures imposed on us. Pressures to make money to pay the mortgage and one’s ever-increasing bills. Zestfulness is not about making huge changes to every aspect of your life but about taking a moment to ponder on as well as realise what in your life might need tweaking in order to really feel that enthusiasm and enjoyment. It is time to maximise your potential and by the way, you don’t need to be hugging trees to do so unless you want to that is. In order to grow and be more effective in life we need to become aware and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Below are a few tips which I will be writing about in depth over the next months. You don’t need to be doing them all and please don’t feel bad that if on certain days you don’t do any of them. We are only human after all. Remember it takes that first step…

  • A minimum of 30 minutes exercise each day even if in 10 minutes sessions.

  • Step away from your devices at least 10-15 minutes daily.

  • Write down three goals for Work, Life And Love.

  • Just breathe, even if just a few deep breaths from time to time. It can help keep stress and the doctor away.

  • Be grateful for at least a single thing each day. Even on the worst days there is always one thing to be grateful for.

  • Stop overthinking things. 85% of our thoughts are recurring and half of these are worries that will never occur in our life time.

  • Put your phone on silent or airplane mode before you sleep.

  • Let go of the past, enjoy the present and a have a goal for the future.

You don’t need to cut out alcohol nor stop eating that piece of cake. A life like that would be boring and where is the enjoyment in that? Most importantly know your worth and don’t let anyone stand in your way!


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