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Know Your Worth

Sometimes it is hard to face reality but when we acknowledge the truths in our lives we can move on. Over the last 9 months I have had the privilege of working with some incredible people and one thing that kept on recurring was that aiming for perfection is a cause of stress and strain. This article might be the hardest I have had to write, because I too have been known to fail from time to time seeking that perfection. Giving yourself permission to be you is more liberating, even energising, than seeking perfection whilst striving to be someone or something else. The conclusion I have come to is that you must Know Your Worth.

With the constant social updates, anxiety has increased. We can spend hours trawling through other peoples lives, comparing and wanting what they appear to have. It is rare for people to show their vulnerability and more often than not, what is being projected is what they want us to see. It is therefore very refreshing to come across a celebrity without their make up or a highly successful entrepreneur talking about his or her fears and failures. Because they no longer need a sense of perfection, they are comfortable being themselves. And dare I say, vice versa. When we compare our lives to others we forgo what is important and special. The reality may be that we are comparing ourselves to people or perhaps a person who deep down might be insecure, lonely and leading a life of great pretence. There is this pressure now a days to conform which often involves pretence. Yet, were you to take a step back and be objective about yourself, you may well see how wonderful your life really is and more importantly, how truly grateful you should actually be. You may not be a millionaire but perhaps you have the most incredible and loving family and friends. You may not be enjoying luxury holidays but you do have a roof over your head and food to eat. It is never wrong to strive for better but always remember that it is about doing to the best of your ability, not only about that mythical perfect. There will always be imperfect moments but these are opportunities where we learn and grow.

Having a truly honest “conversation” with yourself or maybe a friend is the hardest thing to do, but when you do, things, matters, situations, become more effortless. When you start living life for yourself and not for others, incredible things happen. When you have the courage to stand up and show the world the real you, it reveals strength. This should and will be respected. It is refreshing when people can share their fears and take lessons from being wrong. We waste precious energy striving for perfect when we should be content with doing our best. Why live someones else’s story when we can write our own?

Take time to invest in you and start appreciating your qualities and strengths. Start becoming accountable for your life rather than comparing it with others. Stop thinking life is unfair. When things go wrong believe you have the courage to hurdle over those obstacles as no one will do it for you. Be grateful for the small things and the big ones too. Have the ability to let go of anything in the past that is holding you back without feeling resentful.

Move forward and believe you are “enough” and Know Your Worth!


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